Aphrodisiacs. An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire.  While there is some dispute in the scientific community on the topic of aphrodisiacs, those in the know understand that certain foods can assist you in the areas of intimacy and sexual satisfaction. Then there is the whole foreplay thing. Let’s just say feeding each other is a big turn on. Why do you think edible products are so popular?


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This week for Top Ten Tuesday we are celebrating Aphrodisiacs!


Top Ten Aphrodisiac Foods

  1. Oysters – Oysters contain Zinc a key ingredient in sperm production
  2. Shrimp – Shrimp is high in iodine which the thyroid gland uses to regulate energy – including sexual energy
  3. Chocolate – Did you know chocolate contains chemicals found in the human body during sex?
  4. Ginger – Increases blood flow to the genitals
  5. Olives – Green for men & the black variety for women can aid in increased libido.
  6. Tomatoes – Or the “Love Apple” was outlawed by Puritans for their reputation as a potent sexual stimulant.
  7. Asparagus - Rich with potassium, phosphorous, calcium, and vitamin E, all vital for increased hormone production.
  8. Apples – The Fruit of Temptation since the days of Adam & Eve…
  9. Clary Sage – Has been shown to reduce inhibitions. Awesome.
  10. Damiano – The Love Herb, contains alkaloids, which stimulate blood flow to genitals & increase sensitivity.

Have fun experimenting with Aphrodisiac Foods! While I am not suggesting that any food is going to make your love life perfect, it is all about having fun, experimenting, and communicating with your partner. So enjoy each other!


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