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Sex After Baby: A New Mom’s Guide to Intimacy

Midnight Feedings, Stinky Diapers, Sore Breast, Sleepless Nights…. What’s Not to LOVE? (lol) And your probably feeling the furthest away from Sexy as you ever have been in your entire life! But Passion is just as important now as any other stage of life. And for many new moms, it’s the most enjoyable! (Insert Big Grin HERE)

You might not be back to your Pre-Pregnancy Body yet. Or maybe somethings sort of deflated, other spread, and your not exactly sure what’s going on with your butt, But trust me your body has undergone something amazing. You created LIFE! You are a walking miracle making machine! But certain changes have happened in your body such as blood vessels widening creating more blood flow to the genitals, which in turn makes you much more sensitive to stimulation. Other changes include the increased intimacy and the connection between yourself and your partner. Look what you did! You guys are amazing!

This heightened potential for mind blowing sex is fabulous but there are some discomforts that come along with new mommy bliss. So here are a couple tips from Passion Parties on how to Unleash Your Inner Diva when all you want is a nap!


Revelations Lubricant - Water Based Lubricant. Because Wetter is Better!

Revelations Lubricant – Water Based Lubricant. Because Wetter is Better!

Vaginal Dryness is very common amongst New Moms, especially when your nursing. Thankfully Passion Parties has several Lubricants to help alleviate dryness and prep you for Erotic Adventures!


Ben-Wa Balls - The Silver Balls from Fifty Shades of Grey.

Ben-Wa Balls – The Silver Balls from Fifty Shades of Grey.

During Childbirth the Vagina Muscle loosen quite a bit. But like any muscle they can be toned back to their original state. This is were Kegals come in. Do them! Check out our post Krazy for Kegals for more information on how Beneficial these exercises can be!


Liberator Jaz Mini - The Devine Incline can assist in a variety of sexual positions.

Liberator Jaz Mini – The Divine Incline can assist in a variety of sexual positions.

Many Sexual Positions and activities you onced enjoyed are difficult or uncomfortable during pregnancy and after delivery. Let me Introduce your to the Liberator Jaz Mini. This awesome slanted pillow can assist with a variety of positions.


Try a New Position!

Try a New Position!


Maybe what you once enjoyed isn’t in the cards right now, why not use this opportunity to explore new positions and spice things up! Try our Ride ‘Em Cowgirl Book from famed author Sadie Allison. Talk to your partner about positions that interest you and try them out. Ease into it! No cartwheels just yet! :)


As always divas relax, talk to your partner, and just enjoy each other.



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One comment on “Sex After Baby: A New Mom’s Guide to Intimacy

  1. I can be hared to find time becuse you are always tired but… you just got to do it. you will be happy when you do
    Nicole Copeland recently posted..How am I ever going to get everything done…My Profile

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