This week for Music Monday I have decided to take a break from Romance and honor a legend.  When I got the news that Whitney Houston passed away I stared at my laptop screen. The words stared right back at me as if they were teasing me. No. That’s what I thought. No way this is legit. It’s just another internet death. An elaborate hoax designed to torment us, the fans, while some sick jerk somewhere gets some twisted pleasure out of it.  I searched credible sources and when I got the email from my local new station I knew if was true. The Press Release was sweeping the country. It was confirmed. Whitney Houston, The Idol, The Diva, The Living Legend died at just 48 years old. How Tragic.

It is almost impossible to pick a favorite song. I have several Run to You,  Greatest Love of All,  How Will I Know, The list goes on and on and on… But her talents didn’t end there. Whitney was also an actress. I can honestly say that as a black woman it is refreshing to see a black actress not play roles that are sterotypical of the African American community. We are not all hookers, drug addicts, or gun toting, morally loose women. – I think we’ll blog about that later… At any rate Whitney never played a role that did not show black women in a finer light. She had many achievements:

The Bodyguard is the most widely known.


My grandmother loved this movie. I can not tell you how many times we watched it together. I can tell you that I cherish memories like that. My grandmother passed away several years ago and every time I see The Bodyguard I think of her and that time that we shared. Thanks Whitney for creating that memory for me. It means more than anyone will ever know.  The soundtrack also features Queen of the Night which I have proclaimed the official Theme Song of Passion Parties by Erica.



I fell in love with the magic of Rodgers & Hammerstein in middle school. The orignal production of Cinderella featured a mastery of story telling that you just don’t see anymore, and the songs featured in this film are some of my all time favorites. The remake of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella  features an all star cast and  To Miss Houston’s credit, I believe she played the role of the Fairy Godmother better than any other actress. Whitney was able to command a presence that made the Fairy Godmother a star. She was no longer a supporting character that explained how Cinderella was able to get to the ball. She was her own entity. I adore her in this role and will forever be greatful for the opportunity to witness such talent, such charisma. A complete and total package. Thank you Whitney.


Girls Night Classic

Ok what lady has not seen this movie. Everyone was talking about it! The Pastor at my church even preached a sermon around the characters of the film. Waiting to Exhale is the ultimate Girls Night Movie.  It features very real challenges in Love, Romance, Dating, and the everyday challenges of being a woman. A black woman at that. Double Minority. Navigating this thing called life. In Waiting to Exhale Whitney Houston introduced us to the character Savannah Jackson. A very successful woman entangled in a relationship with a married man. While not the most pleasant situation, many women has walked in her shoes, experienced the pain of giving herself over to a half love. A love that can never truly be her own.  Even when we want to scream at her to wake up, he’s never leaving his wife, you deserve better, Ms Houston brings a tenderness to the role that makes us want to cry for her, console her, and cheer when she leaves him!  The Soundtrack to this film is a must have for your music library as well.


Thank your Whitney for the memories. Your legacy will live on. You are not done yet My Darling! You have many more artists to inspire. Somewhere in the world there will be little girls watching your films with their grandmothers, cherishing the bond created. There will be many girl nights spent drinking wine and bonding while your music plays in the background. There will be Children’s Choirs belting out The Greatest Love of All while doting parents watch. There is so much more for you to give.


I was told by a friend that Whitney Houston will star in the Remake of Sparkle.

                                                   I can’t tell you how excited I am to see this. Sparkle was one of my favorites growing up.The film is set to be released August 17th 2012.  I can’t wait to see it! :)


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6 comments on “Music Monday, Movie Monday: Miss Whitney Houston, Thanks for the Memories

  1. Now I am so down. She was among my beloved singing superstars.

  2. Thanks for sharing you memories and love of Whitney. She will be greatly missed by so many.
    Edwina Parker recently posted..When Monkeys FlyMy Profile

  3. What a great tribute…thank you. I miss her so much already!
    Elise Adams @AdamsOrganizing recently posted..How to write the right wayMy Profile

  4. I’m still a little heartbroken over Whitney. This is a great tribute!

  5. I still cannot read, watch or listen to anything about her without feeling emotional. I’ve adored her since the 80′s. In recent years, the judgements and criticisms have frustrated, even angered me and so to read this great tribute today, one celebrating the incredible beauty of her life and even of the inspiration her life will still share, is a gift itself. Regardless of any demon she faced, and we all face them, she touched the world and will continue to do so. THank you for this post and I’ll join you is saying THANK YOU to Whitney for sharing her life and gift with me!
    Carl Mason-Liebenberg recently posted..Deprivation is NOT the Key to WellnessMy Profile

  6. Very sad ending to a beautiful story…Whitney was certainly blessed with an incredible talent. What saddens me is that she didn’t realize how truly blessed she was. I hope she is now at peace and singing with the angels in heaven..
    Dr. Daisy Sutherland recently posted..Pinterest: 10 Tips and Tricks for Marketing Your BusinessMy Profile

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